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ARJ Software. Dec 12

ARJ 2.50a SHAREWARE Copyright (c) 1990- 95 ARJ Software. Dec 12 1995 List of frequently used commands and switches. Type ARJ -? for more help. Usage: ARJ <command> [-<sw> [-<sw>...]] <archive_name> [<file_names>...] Examples: ARJ a -e archive, ARJ e archive, ARJ l archive *.doc

<Commands> a: Add files to archive m: Move files to archive d: Delete files from archive t: Test integrity of archive e: Extract files from archive u: Update files to archive f: Freshen files in archive v: Verbosely list contents of archive l: List contents of archive x: eXtract files with full pathname

<Switches> c: skip time-stamp Check r: Recurse subdirectories e: Exclude paths from names s: set archive time-Stamp to newest f: Freshen existing files u: Update files (new and newer) g: Garble with password v: enable multiple Volumes i: with no progress Indicator w: assign Work directory m: with Method 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 x: eXclude selected files n: only New files (not exist) y: assume Yes on all queries

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